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Featured Product - Porsche 981 Cayman and Boxster Side Intake Grille

Radiator Grill Store originally created these side intake grills from personal experience. Within two weeks of taking delivery of my 2014 Porsche Cayman S, I had a leaf in the intake making an terrible noise. It took me 2 hours to remove the leaf because it kept crumbling. I started researching side intake grills. There are a couple of options on the market. One option installs on the outside of the intake trim piece. I felt it ruined the lines originally created by Porsche for the Cayman and Boxster by hiding the middle bar of the side intake. They also attach with tools and clips. Another option, looks similar, but installs by removing the side panel of the 981 and also uses cable ties to secure. I started creating in my shop an alternative. It had to have an OEM look, similar design to the patterns in Porsche GT car grills. Also, install with no tools, and attach with no permanent modifications to the car. I created it with special proprietary bends and jigs to create a radiator grille for the Porsche 981 Boxster and Cayman that installs with no tools and minimal tools (can actually be installed in less than 5 minutes a side with your bare hands). And looks great!! Visit to check out the Porsche 981 Boxster Radiator Grilles and Porsche 981 Cayman Radiator Grilles!

Porsche Boxster and Cayman 981 Radiator Grilles Grills
Porsche Radiator Grilles

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