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We Have a New Product – C8 Corvette Ducktail Rear Spoiler

Radiator Grille Store is happy to announce that we have a new product for our 2020 - 2022 Corvette C8 owners, currently being sold at a discounted price of $279*! This new Ducktail Rear Spoiler mounts to the existing Z51 mounting points, or if you prefer, it can be installed with double sided automotive trim tape, which is included in the hardware if you choose to go that route.

This C8 modification product is made from ABS plastic by EOS. When purchasing the spoiler, you will have finish choices that include Unpainted, Gloss Black, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Flash or Body Color match. If you go with the body color match, you will need to allow a minimum of three weeks lead time for that painted option. To purchase your very own Corvette C8 Ducktail Rear Spoiler, visit

Now, you may have questions about this Corvette product, like Is it worth it? Or What kind of effect does it have on the car’s performance? Well, let’s begin with what spoilers actually do.

Spoilers work by “spoiling” (now the name makes sense) the effects of undesired air flow. Air moves over the Corvette while the car is in a forward motion, and the upward angle of the spoiler redirects the air to help push the car down for better traction. With ducktail spoilers specifically, the downward force is not tremendous, but in the words of Dr. Josue Frami of Movie Cultists, they are “a lift killer. And that means that it increases stability and predictability at speed.”

While these spoilers, not just for Corvettes, but for other makes and models too, enhance a downward force on the car for better traction, your top speed is reduced. However, when driving fast, that generated force with that added traction allows you to turn faster, so you and your car are still benefiting from the addition of the spoiler. On top of that, your C8 looks killer!

Where Did the Ducktail Spoiler Come From?

We can thank Porsche for creating this signature style of spoiler for the Carrera RS 2.7 in the early 1970s. The name and creation of this spoiler, ironically enough, didn’t initially sit well with the sales department of Porsche, according to an analysis titled Duck Tales, organized by Götz Leyrer. Low and behold, however, at the 1972 Paris Motor Show, the new Porsche model sporting it’s (soon-to-be-successful) ducktail spoiler was the “crowning achievement in the history of the 911 series: the first car to make use of aerodynamic aids and the first car since the 356 to carry the legendary Carrera name,” says Leyrer.

The test drivers of these 911 models back in the 70s with the ducktail spoiler were raving about their ability to handle turns at a higher speed and with more control. “The increased downforce on the drive axle of the RS 2.7 resulted in the almost complete disappearance of Carrera’s tendency to oversteer in high-speed corners.” We tip our RGS hats off to Porsche for setting many different cars up for aerodynamic success, including our Corvette C8 owners (like ourselves!).

*price is subject to change depending on distributor pricing


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