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  • C8 Corvette Grilles – What’s the difference between the RGS C8 Corvette ABS Plastic Grilles and the RGS C8 Corvette Aluminum Hexagon Grilles?
    We were the first to the C8 market for radiator grille mesh screens. We drew upon our 10+ years of experience with Porsche products to create two options for the C8 Corvette. We originally entered the market with the ABS elongated hexagon radiator grilles because we wanted to continue the elongated hexagon theme that GM already had on the C8 Corvette. We wanted to create a continuous theme from OEM to our product. There are a couple of advantages of the ABS plastic: The ABS is black through and through, so any chip of the material remains black The ABS has more depth, creating a blacked out, aggressive look. The round hexagon aluminum version of RGS grilles for the C8 Corvette were created at the request of our early customers. The customer wanted to mimic the rear heat diffusing material that is installed on the vehicles at the factory. We brought the round hexagon, black powder coated aluminum to the market to meet those customer’s desires.
  • Why radiator grille screens for our vehicles?
    Inexpensive protection to deflect the energy of potentially damaging road and track debris. Unfortunately, sometimes the first interaction with a customer is after they have just gotten back from the dealership after road debris damage to their condenser with a repair bill in excess of $1600. Our grille screens look really aggressive and “cool”, while maintaining an OEM look. Our design philosophy is to bring value with a Do-It-Yourself install and with a look that seems to come directly from the manufacturer.
  • Do these radiator grille screens obstruct airflow?
    We use these grilles on our DE cars, supply Porsche race teams, and have tested them on local tracks for 10+ years with no reports or issues in any region under any condition (from Southern United States to UAE).
  • What materials do we use?
    We mostly use powder coated aluminum for our products, while some are designed with ABS plastic. We use automotive-grade attachment components with UV resistance for long life. We have tested all materials on daily driven vehicles through the heat of summer and salted winters.
  • What is our brand philosophy?
    We value the efforts that the original equipment manufacturers put into each and every vehicle. We attempt to either mimic race models of the brand (i.e. Porsche GT models) or what we believe, if the manufacturer would have included grilles, they might have produced. We design our grilles to install behind the manufacturer's designs to ensure an OEM placement and look.
  • Why Radiator Grille Store?
    We are enthusiasts ourselves–check out our story on Youtube (RGS Interview | When Did Eric's Passion for Cars Start?). We test these grilles on our own vehicles and stand behind our products. You can always reach us and schedule times to help with your installation. We have been in this business for 10+ years with many happy customers. Feel free to take a look at our Google reviews, or leave one of your own:
  • Do you have a vehicle that you would like a grille created for and local to the Chicagoland area?
    Reach out to us, we can create one-off grilles, or if the business case makes sense, we can produce them for you for a deep discount. You can reach us by visiting: or calling us at 708-554-3911.
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