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DSC Sport Suspension System for Porsche PASM is freaky!!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Freaky good that is! We have installed the #DSC Sport on #Porsche 997.1, 997.2 and the 981 Cayman. The 997.1 required an accelerometer to be installed in a really tight spot under the dash. The 997.1 S doesn’t have the accelerometer inputs that allow the DSC system to read yaw and g-force to work its suspension adjusting magic. The transformation is nothing less, and con only be explained with magic or supernatural emojis! Sport mode becomes livable and nose dive is greatly reduced. Handling is flatter and more balanced. The 997.2 Porsche Carrera S had an a similarly freaky good experience! Easier install though as the 997 comes stock with the proper accelerometer inputs. Plug and play! Now to the 981 Porsche Cayman S. We love love love the Cayman S handling and sport mode suspension PASM setting is livable for daily driving. So can the #DSCSport really improve on something that’s so good? The definitive answer is yes! Where the Cayman used to squat to the outside wheel in corners and during exits, it now remains flat. The braking nose dive is reduced and general cruising in sport mode is even more comfy!

Value 9/10

While the DSC Sport is nothing to sneeze at, at around $1300 for the module, when compared to upgrading your suspension to a more tunable option. The options for changing out the PASM system with either another tunable option or the Porsche X73 option, requires skilled labor, time and more money than $1300. So we feel this is a great, easy mod, that gives you tunability and a great option to get the suspension where you want it.

Performance 10/10

For the change it makes, with no skill required installation, the performance is awesome! The module makes the car into what we wanted with no tuning right out of the box! So we definitely rate this 10 out of 10. While it won't give you what a proper coilover system will get you with respect to full on performance, this gives you a great street car setup that is tunable for anything else you may attack.

So we now have the best of all worlds. More comfort when you want it and more performance when you demand it. #DSCSport is the real deal! Get one at

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