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Porsche 911 996, 997.1, 997.2 coolant tank weakness, what to look out for!

If you own a Porsche 911 996, 997.1 or 997.2, there is a known weakness that initially can strike fear when discovered, but is typically easy to repair. The weakness in the 911 coolant tanks is that they can leak from two areas, the coolant cap and the coolant tank. The coolant cap went through a couple revisions. How you can tell is the end numbers in the part number, of it ends in 01, that is the old design cap. If it ends in 04, that is the new design cap. The second weakness and culprit when noticing a whiff of coolant in the air is the coolant tank. Typically not a mileage thing, but age has an effect on the tank and heat cycles. Shown below is where the tanks leak from. A small crack forms and coolant seeps out, forming a crystalline scab. The engine must be lowered slightly to remove the tank, and an airlift coolant filling system must be used to refill the cooling system, but an easily doable job in about 5 hours. A couple of tips for the Porsche 911 community! #porsche #porsche911 #porsche996 #porsche997

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