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Hold Your Horse(power)!

Properly Caring for your Z06 or Stingray

If you are like most people, we know you can’t wait to finally ride out your Z06 on track or autocross, especially after waiting so long for it to arrive. But if you want the most horsepower from your engine and reduced chance of any issues down the road, heed this reminder from Chevrolet!

Your Z06 or Stingray is a very track capable beast and Chevrolet recommends breaking in your ride for 1,500 miles if you plan to put it on track. Breaking in your vehicle is like doing warm up exercises before a strenuous workout or sport if you want to prevent getting seriously injured. For your vehicle, you need to engage several parts slowly, thus the RPM should not go beyond 4,000 for the first 500 miles. Keep in mind that torque is also limited in low gears. Chevrolet specifically details a break-in procedure before using your Corvette C8 Z06s or Stingrays on the track. This can be reviewed on page 189 in the Owner’s Manual, where it states that break-in should be for 1,500 miles before taking it on track.

Here’s that specific page, in case you missed it:


If you need to download the manual, just click on this link CorvetteOwnersManual.

If you are a new Corvette owner, page 189 is likely the most crucial page in the entire manual for you to remember. The point by point break-in procedure is outlined on that page.

  1. To break in your tires and brake linings, drive at moderate speed and avoid making sharp turns and abrupt stops over the first 200 miles.

  2. For the first 500 miles avoid full throttle stops and abrupt stops. Attempt to drive at varying engine speeds, don't drag the engine, and don't go over 4,000 rpm.

  3. Try to avoid downshifting to brake or to slow the vehicle down when you are about to exceed 4,000 rpm.

  4. Do not drive it on the track or any similar events until you have covered 1,500 miles.

  5. Check the engine oil every time you refuel. Oil and fuel consumption will likely be higher during this first 1,500 miles.

Source: Chevrolet Press Room

We advise you to also follow these recommendations even after the break-in period, especially if you intend to regularly drive your Corvette on track. These points will ensure your Z06 or Stingray runs at optimum performance without any hiccups and future headaches:

  1. Whenever you replace your tires and brake linings, remember to break them in by following the procedure in the manual.

  2. Check on your oil at all times and change it more frequently. Running at high speeds strains the oil more than the average and shortens its intended life, thus the need to check and change it more frequently.

  3. Never lug your engine as this leads to strain.

These points are not here to spoil your fun. We want you to push your LT2 or LT6-powered beast to its limit, because this is what it is made for anyway. It is simply encouraged to follow all safety precautions and manufacturer’s recommendations.

So, remember to break in your Corvette Z06s and Stingrays properly and savor the amazing feeling of driving one the best cars out there!

We’d love to hear your experience on driving the new Z06 or Stingray and if you have more tips for fellow Corvette owners, share it in the comments.

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