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How I became addicted to sports cars - part II - Welcome to Porsche

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

To catch others up on the journey, I started out with an 1984 80 hp Jeep Wagoneer (aka Cherokee) with wood grain and gold exterior, moved on to other unmentionables (Chevy Beretta (with a Dynomax exhaust and chipped! LOL), 1989 Mustang (tons of work done on it in my dad's garage), Honda Prelude (cool car, but an dogga-matic), on to a Mazda 6 (only redeeming feature of a manual, oh yeah an ebay Injen look a like intake and a tune module), then to a 2007 Mustang GT with a whipple charger, then on to an Acura TL SH-AWD 6-speed. So now we get to the good stuff. Porsche. Posters, Matchbox cars, and dreams of Porsche as a little boy. Now here I am at a crossroads. I have had some halfway interesting cars, but what is the next car? My buddy at work whispers to me about this website called Rennlist. I check it out and am surprised by the attainability of this 911 variant call the nine-nine-six. Of course, flash forward a couple months after my inevitable purchase and I have the full understanding of the weaknesses (exaggerated or not by the internet). Back to the hunt for this attainable and beautiful/exotic 996. My first stop was the forums and the local listings. I quickly realized that local listings do not cut it. For this mythical beast, the hunting grounds must be expanded nationally. I am now on the hunt for my dream, the once thought unattainable, is now more tangible than ever.

If you made it this far in my blog posts, I realized I skipped over many stories with each of my vehicles. I will revisit them each and say a little about them and how they contributed to my addiction to sports cars. #Porsche #Mustang #Acura #Porsche911 #PorscheCayman #Porscheradiatorgrills

2007 Mustang Gt Whipple Charged, Long tube headers

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