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New GTS Products for 991.1, 991.2, and 992 Owners

Center Radiator Grille for the 991.1 and 991.2 GTS

There is the option to add on a center radiator grille insert in your order, to compliment our very popular 991.1 GTS and 991.2 GTS front (left and right) radiator grilles. Made out of the same metal mesh as the left and right front grilles, these center pieces will also help protect GTS radiators from road and track debris. These grilles fit the 991.1 and 991.2 GTS models, both with and without parking sensors. To order your own, visit

Radiator Grille Store’s First 992 GTS Product

Our first product for 911 992 GTS owners: The Porsche 911 992 GTS / Sport Design Front Left and Right Radiator Grilles.

These grilles, just like the 991.1/991.2 GTS grille inserts, are made of metal mesh and serve the same purpose: to protect your 992 GTS, Sport Design and Aero Kit bumper front side radiators from road and track debris. These grilles fit the 992 GTS and 992 Sport Design/Aero kit models, both with and without parking sensors. To order your own set, visit:

Origin of the Porsche GTS

For those who do not know, GTS stands for “Gran Turismo Sport," or the highest performance-focused street version of the Porsche. From there, we have the GT Porsche models (GT2, GT3, GT4), which take it all to a whole other level of sport performance. The GTS cars are the perfect in-between, everyday “sporty” models.

The first GTS model dates back to a little over 50 years ago, with the 1963 904 GTS. This car was upgraded for track use purposes and won the manufacturer's world championship in 1964 and 1965. Because of how well-sorted this model was for street use, it set the precedent for Porsche in taking race-developed know-how and putting it into standard road cars.

The stylish GTS trim came back in the ‘80s-‘90s with the arrival of the 924 GTS and 928 GTS. The 1981 924 Carrera GTS was special with its engine that produced 245 horsepower. However, if your model was one of the 15 Club Sports with a roll-cage and lightweight body shell with fiberglass panels and plexiglass windows, you could reach 280 horsepower.

The 928 GTS in 1993 could hit 350 horsepower with its front-mounted 5.4L V8 engine, if you were lucky.

The GTS’s speed, performance, and overall look have carried through into today’s models.

The first modern-era Porsche GTS was the Cayenne GTS. The current GTS Porsches are exactly the way they are supposed to be–very high performance cars for their model series. The GTS is the perfect car to zip around town on the weekends; just wait for Spring.


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