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Singer’s 1980s Inspired Twist on a 450 HP Porsche 911

Singer Vehicle Design never ceases to amaze us with their take on Porsche classic vehicles, especially with this spinoff of the 911 Turbo. This version, at a first glance, isn’t anything extraordinary, but the longer you look, the more you see. Special details like the bumper and spoiler begin to pop out the more time you give to analyzing it. While the style mimics the 1980s generation of the 911, the base frame–although hard to tell–comes from influences of the Porsche 964 Carrera.

Image: Singer Vehicle Design | turbocharged Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer

Additional Details

Singer’s body panels are made of carbon fiber, and the spoiler is Singer’s special design, similar to how the one on 1970s Turbos looks. In this Turbo study, the intercoolers are tucked away and air is drawn through vents mounted on the front of each rear wheel. We just think this design and execution is absolutely genius! Incorporating the intakes into the traditionally placed and shaped stone guards…mind…blown!

A major spec to note is that there are two intercoolers because there are two blowers, which can be found on the latest Porsche 992 911. These intercoolers are mounted to a 3.8 liter air cooled Mezger flat-six engine. The Singer Turbo study, unlike the original 1980s model, boasts an impressive 450 HP. What’s more? “An exact output can be matched to a customer’s specification,” reads an article by Car Scoops.

Featuring a six-speed manual transmission, power is distributed to either the two rear tires or all four depending on the buyer’s preference of configuration. The suspension on this Turbo is curated to “make this a great high-speed GT car.”

Taking note of the interior, this is where you can really notice the aesthetic influence of a GT. Perks including electronically adjustable heated seats and cruise control are definite options. An anti-lock braking system, power steering and traction control come with the Singer Turbo. To ensure a low key luxury status is maintained in this Porsche study, wood, cork, and granite is being used to accent the interior.

With all that being said, you may be wondering about the price of this unicorn of a Turbo. Singer has yet to actually mention a solidified price, but based on the company’s other cars, it is appropriate to guess that this Porsche will fall at or around one million dollars.

What’s a Mezger Flat-Six?

Let’s start with that name– Mezger. It originated from the engine builder Hans Mezger, who had been building Porsche power plants since the 1960s. In the realm of engines, the M96/72 ‘Mezger’ engine utilizes a true dry sump due to its motorsport origin.

The Mezger engine was originally designed for the twin-turbocharged 911 GT1 Le Mans racer to reduce oil surge and pressure drop while cornering. In doing that, oil is collected from the crankcase by two scavenge pumps. This oil is brought to a baffled tank before being pumped through the oil galleries.

Another differing factor of the Mezger Flat-Six is that it uses a single cylinder head per bank, unlike the flat six found in the 962 prototype, which has separate cylinder heads for each cylinder.

What are your thoughts on the Singer rendition of the 911 Turbo? Comment below.


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