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The perfect daily driver?

What makes the perfect #dailydriver? Well of course that question has as many answers a people who are passionate about driving. So I will answer for me, from my perspective, what I like and what I look for. Please comment below what makes a perfect daily driver for you, or what is your perfect daily driver car!

Number one for me is driver involvement and engagement. I appreciate the character of a car and one that stirs my soul. It doesn't have to be the fastest, but it must perform well and handle very well. The feel and feedback of the car is also a heavily weighted factor. I compare this to Ferrari's of the 90's where the handling is good, the performance is barely faster than a new Toyota Sienna minivan, but the sound and feedback is out of this world. Though mentioning a Ferrari for my first point, it doesn't make the daily driver list for points number 2 and 3.

Number 2 is a level of luxury and comfort. Sometimes this can be almost mutually exclusive with some uber performance cars but #Porsche, #Ferrari, #AstonMartin, and other high end performance cars execute this car after car. The car does not have to have particularly exotic materials, but must be comfortable and with minimum features. Though I have been spoiled by heated and cooled seats. Oh so nice!

Number 3 is reliability. This, as indicated before, knocks out the 90's Ferrari's from this daily driver category, not that it would be wise to daily a classic Ferrari anyways. Porsche, Lexus and others do a good job in this category. All car companies have come a long way in this area. The #AcuraNSX changed the #supercar game. Where the other super car manufacturers had, for better words, been nascent in the quality game. The Acura NSX hit the scene with a reliable engine and quality materials, with great fit and finish.

So what makes a perfect daily driver for you? What is important to you?

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