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Turbos blow! Really!

Updated: Jun 10

This may be controversial, this may be met with fierce resistance, but I feel that turbos rob the soul of a vehicle. Yes, turbos are great! They give you great street torques (said "Turks"), feel great from a stoplight, feel great out of a corner, but that's where the euphoria with turbos ends. The air that is being shoved into the combustion cylinders, fills the cylinder completely, fires off that spark plug, and shoots the exhaust gasses into the exhaust system that then hits its first muffler, the turbo hot side. That is the first part of the turbo system that starts the soul-sucking. This pre-muffler (the turbo hot-side) starts the sound robbing. The exhaust pulses are used to spool up the turbo, creating the power that turbo cars are known for, but those pulses are now muffled (can be remedied with nearly straight pipe exhausts). As those revs build there is a rush of Turks, that feels great, and then it keeps pulling, but some turbos run out of "gas" at the top end, feeling sort of flat. Some pull all the way to redline but feel a little flat lower in the RPM or if you have a modern turbo, a la 911 991.2/992, that changes, but costs your pocketbook to get that NA feeling out of a turbo car. Turbo cars don't have the crescendo of an NA car. The NA car builds up RPM with more and more air entering the cylinder, creating a change in exhaust note, building on that excitement all the way to the redline. Another element against the turbo car is the throttle response. Nothing beats an NA throttle response, prove me wrong in the comments below! #Turbo #Porsche #NaturallyAspirated

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