The ORIGINAL and Best C8 grilles on the market! This is the ABS plastic hexagon pattern radiator and side intake grille screens for the Chevrolet C8 Corvette. We offer the front radiator and brake duct protection as well as the side intake grilles that create an OEM finished look! Allows complete access to the frunk button.There are options to be added at checkout (via the drop down menu on this page):1. FRONT LARGE OPENING radiator option - these are the right and left large openings2. Large Opening + Front Center Duct option - this option includes the large opening grilles and the small openings near the center, the brake ducts.3. Large Opening + Side Intake (large opening aft the door)4. Complete kit - includes the Large Opening, Center Duct and Side IntakesThis completes the look of the vehicle. Also dependent on available supply chain, the grille material may look a little different than the photos but still be ABS plastic with hexagon shape. Protect your 2020 and up Chevrolet Corvette front air conditioning condensers and radiators from road and track debris! Easy to install, no bumper removal (only lower panel removal about 15 screws). No permanent modifications to your vehicle! Easily reversible! OEM look! (Ensure grilles are installed WARM for ease of installation)

2020 - 2022 C8 Corvette HEXAGON ABS Plastic Radiator Grille Screens

  • Click HERE for the installation instructions of the C8 Corvette Radiatior Grilles.  There are a couple of videos for the front and side intakes there.  Install the side intake grilles WARM to ease installation.