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Porsche 997.2 (2009-12) 911 Radiator Grilles

The third or second and a half generation of the water cooled 911 Porsche's, the 997.2 911 built upon the 997.1 and introduced the 9A1 engine that addressed the issues of the M96 and M97 engines.  They also increased the cooling surface area in the front section of the bumper cover.  This leaves them especially susceptible to road and track debris damage.  These radiator cavities also love to collect leaves, cigarette butts, rocks, etc.  Radiator Grille Store radiator grilles provide protection for the 997.2 911 Porsche vehicles.  We offer both the side and center radiator grilles. These grilles provide an economical way to protect your radiators with easy installation, no permanent modifications and no bumper removal to install! 

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