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Porsche Boxster 986 Radiator Grilles

The first generation of the water cooled Porsche's, the 986 Boxster was a game changer for Porsche.  Porsche now offered vehicles with a mid-engine, great dynamics at a good price point.  The water cooled nature of the vehicles and the low positioning of the front radiators leaves them susceptible to road and track debris damage.  These radiator cavities also love to collect leaves, cigarette butts, rocks, etc.  Radiator Grille Store radiator grilles provide protection for the 986 Boxster Porsche vehicles.  We offer the side radiator grilles (Soon we will offer the center radiator grilles as well) Reach out if you are in the Chicago area and would like to offer your vehicle for testing!). These grilles provide an economical way to protect your radiators with easy installation, no permanent modifications and no bumper removal to install! 

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