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Customers said WHAT? about Radiator Grille Store?!

Radiator Grille Store is grateful for every single customer we have! And we are extremely stoked to hear from our customers as well, we thrive on feedback! Improvements to the product or just straight kudos for our products! We have a design philosophy for #Porsche vehicles from #Porsche911 to #PorscheBoxster to everything in between. Here are some quotes and reviews from our valued customers:

JE from Rennlist - [Re: Porsche 981 Cayman and Boxster Side Intake Grilles] "Your side intake grilles are the best in the buisness!"

Van from Rennlist - RGS (Eric) is/are the real deal, witnessing the time/labor/skill in template/fabrication for (my Malachite Green metallic 8k mile 987.2 BS) each fitment. I am volunteering my Macan Turbo for intercooler screens :).

Don from Rennlist - Looks great! Really like the OEM GT look with the size and shapes of the openings. I've been looking for something like this!

SunCoastParts of SunCoast Porsche's Race 718 Cayman - at Rennlist - Install time!! Once again a big thanks to Eric at the Radiator Grille Store for assisting us with our build. We now have all three mesh inserts for the front bumper including our factory center radiator. Check out for more info!

If you are a customer, thank you so much! We would love to hear from you!

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