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Saving Money in the Long Run – We Can Help Here

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

It’s always nice to hear that your product is doing well or is liked by customers, but there’s a different level of satisfaction when you’re given actual proof that your product prevented a very costly repair. We created Radiator Grille Store because of our passion for Porsches and Corvette C8s, but more importantly, the safety and maintenance of the cars’ radiators and condensers. The models themselves are expensive enough and we want to enjoy them–who doesn’t?–so their most vulnerable parts should be extra cared for. As we’re sure you’re well aware, repairs for cars like these, let alone any car in general, are very far from cheap.

Not too long ago, one of our customers reached out to us about how our C8 Hexagon ABS Plastic Radiator Grille Screen saved his car’s radiator from extreme damage from a 3-4” chunk of rusted metal. This man was driving from Florida to Kentucky and noticed the metal piece lodged in the grille screen upon his arrival. Sure, the grille experienced minor damage, but the condenser behind it was saved. If not for him purchasing and installing our product, he would have been stuck on the side of a highway on his way to Kentucky and had to pay some serious money to fix a ruined condenser.

As terrible as road debris is, especially metal chunks, something as simple as leaves or even cigarette butts can literally eat away at your radiator. This kind of debris holds some serious moisture, which, over time, can create acidic compounds (gross) that break down the aluminum your radiator is made out of. If that happens, maybe your radiator will become the metal chunks of road debris that continues the snowball of damage. Yikes.

This issue of potential damage to radiators and condensers is so widely talked about amongst Porsche and Corvette C8 owners that there has been a great deal of complaints towards GM. Questions like Why hasn’t GM offered a solution to close these large grille openings? or GM’s saying it’s just cosmetic and doesn’t affect the performance, but isn’t it ugly to look at? Radiator damage cannot be solved by eliminating something as simple as “tailgating,” as mentioned in an article by The Drive…leaves, bugs, small rocks, and other road debris are much more realistic concerns that these low riders face.

Despite GM’s delay in bringing something to the table, Radiator Grille Store offers solutions to this common problem that Porsche and C8 owners want to avoid. We wanted to protect our own vehicles, so we created RGS products that we are now able to share with the world. As stated in The Drive, a man named Jake Spruill had commented on a Facebook thread regarding C8 radiator damage, “This forum needs a pinned post at the top regarding the available solutions.” We want to spread the word of our solution-based grille products to the Facebook group C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends), among others, that we have what you’re looking for. Visit RGS’s product pages to ensure your radiators and condensers remain intact and protected.


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