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What separates RGS compared to the other Porsche Radiator Grilles on the market?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I created this brand and these products for my vehicles. I wanted to protect my cars radiators and intakes from leaf debris, cigarette butts causing fires in Porsche vehicles and rocks hitting the expensive radiators. I started searching the interwebs for options. I found some of the bigger UK brands and did not like the look. I wanted to create an OEM looking solution to protect the Porsche radiator grilles and Porsche side intakes. I also wanted the solution to be economical and more importantly, easy to install. I have fabricated these grilles for all of my Porsche vehicles to create an OEM look and protection for the radiators and intakes. My goal with every Porsche radiator grille and intake grille is to be installed with minimal hand tools and no bumper or body panel removal. Also no permanent modifications such as screwing into bumper covers as with other manufacturers. Please take a look at our products we currently fabricate for Porsche Caymans (987.1, 987.2 and 981), Porsche Boxsters (987.1, 987.2 and 981), Porsche 911 (997.1, 997.2), we are adding new products often. We are getting a Porsche Cayman 718 and Boxster 718 to prototype new products on, subscribe to get the latest updates!

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