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EDM Motorsports Visible Carbon Fiber and OEM-look Gloss Black (Carbon Fiber under the gloss black coating) Wind Diffuser, using anti-buffeting technology. We are pleased to offer this fantastic looking, OEM fitment, wind diffuser that helps reduce that annoying wind buffeting when the passenger or the driver puts only one window down. Sometimes the driver wants the window down and the passenger does not, to possibly preserve their hair-do, this creates two differing air masses, one in the car and the rapidly moving exterior air mass. This wind diffuser is not only great looking and incredibly easy to install, but helps keep both occupants happy when one wants to put one window down. Get these EDM Motorsport Visible Carbon Fiber and Gloss Black (Carbon Fiber under gloss black coating) Wind Diffusers utilizing anti-buffeting technology now!


These are both 100% 3x2 twill carbon fiber pieces.  One option is the visible carbon fiber and the other is black coated carbon fiber.  You're choice, but both are extremely light-weight and strong!  Note as this is hand-laid carbon fiber, very small imperfections may be visible. 

C8 Corvette 2020 - 2024 Carbon Fiber Wind Diffuser - Anti-buffeting

SKU: C8WindDiffFiber
  • Click HERE for the installation instructions of the C8 Corvette Wind Diffuser, with anti-buffeting technology. 

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