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Continued from the IMS WTH blog, The Porsche Whisperer!

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Where was I at? Oh yeah, I sarcastically said I purchased a Whisper 2000 to listen to my Porsche 996 for IMS issues. A couple weeks after purchasing my 2002 Porsche 996 C4S I thought I heard a sound and said... that must be the IMS!! So up on jack stands it went!! My wife comes home and says, what are you doing!!!? Up on jack stands and a whole bunch of internet research, I ordered all the "while you were in there" items, thought I stopped short of the oil separator. I ordered the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, IMS and RMS. YouTube, the shade-tree mechanics instant university! I was pretty mechanically inclined before, and these cars are just nuts and bolts, similar to anything else mechanical. So I dove in. Also, if anybody needs advice, please contact me!!!

About 2 weeks in I was getting ready to reinstall the trans-axle. What a terrible experience. Remember that statement about, if you need advice, ask me? Yeah, not when it comes to the trans-axle install! Imagine being on your back, 17 inches of clearance because you're afraid to put the car up the recommended 24 inches on the jack stands. Place that, what feels like 200 pound, mass on your chest and try to get the perfect angle to slide the trans into the pilot bearing and align everything perfectly. Ugh. Took me at least an hour!! Meanwhile the wife comes out and says, you are spending a little too much time with the German Girl!! LMAO!!!

To be continued.

My Porsche 996

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