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GM Launches investigation into C8 DCT transmission "failures"

You can check out the story in the link below. Basically some of the earlier C8 Corvettes had issues with an error message and check engine light or a leaking transmission pan. Consumers would find the error message on the dashboard indicating a transmission fault. Another symptom is an older pan design for the transmission that could cause leaking. Newer C8’s have a modified transmission pan that changed the sealing surface and the bolting strategy (13 bolts and 2 studs for the old design to 17 bolts for the new design). Dealerships who have the current consumer come in for servicing of the check engine light, are instructed to remove the transmission filter without spilling any of the fluid inside the filter, bagging it up, and putting the customers VIN number on the bag, and sending for analysis. There seems to be some debris left during transmission manufacturing that is attaching to the magnetic pickup giving a false signal in the transmission. We will keep you informed of any other updates to the story.

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