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Porsche Owner Wished They Knew about RGS sooner!!

A customer contacted us, pointing us to a video they made after they paid almost $2ooo to have their Porsche 718 Cayman air conditioning condenser replaced. Thomas' beautiful Carmine red Cayman sprung a leak. Look at the video and you can see something rather large made a puncture in the condenser. Unknown how large it was, but in the photo on the video, you can see another contact point to the north-northwest of the puncture. #Porsche #Porsche718 #PorscheBoxster #PorscheCayman

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09 nov. 2021

Had The same thing happen to my 981BS (first month too) but I heard the rock, pulled over, and saw the leaking freon. After taking it to the dealer, I argued with PCNA and they ended up covering it. Suffice to say, PCNA has changed since then and become extremely difficult to deal with. Their new business model would never cover it.. I subsequently had the bumper removed and installed grilles to protect the condensors. This is a design flaw that Porsche is very well aware of.

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