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Porsche Whisperer continued! IMS WTH!?

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

If you have been following the blog about my 996 journey, continue on to the punch line. If not, back up, read the previous blogs as not to ruin the punch line!!

Go ahead... go back and read....

Ok, so, after the 2 week ordeal to replace the IMS, RMS and other "while you were in there" items on my 2002 Porsche 996 911 C4S, and getting the stank eye from the wife from spending "too much time with the German girl" LOL! It was time to add fluids and button her up. The Porsche Whisperer, who notices the slightest change in pitch of the engine, and KNEW it must have been the IMS failing, conquered the job that strikes fear in 996 and 986 owners!! Or did he??? The first firing of the engine.......drum roll please.

Search through the house, where is that blank-idy blank key!!? I know I put it in a safe place. Found it. Go down to the car, insert the key....pause..... take a couple deep breaths and turn the key. NOTHING. WTF!? Oh, battery.... need that reconnected! Whew! Another try. It starts to crank!!! Ok good. We are getting somewhere. Crank it a couple times without starting to get oil moving. She fires to life! Let her warm up and check for leaks. Everything is looking good. But wait a second! That sound, that helped coin the nickname "Porsche Whisperer" was still there and more notably, the were a small drip of fluid from the water pump! What is this???!! Was this sound, all this work, all this ridicule because of a water pump going out!!?? Which is another know failure in these cars and one that should have been ruled out before getting elbow deep in the German girl!!!?? In the end, there was peace of mind changing out the IMS and RMS, but I now needed to order a water pump! Which was probably the only thing wrong with the vehicle!!! UGH!!

My 996 in which I change the IMS and RMS only to find out it was a water pump failing LOL
2002 Porsche 996 911 C4S

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