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Projects to pass the time in this challenging COVID-19 era

First and foremost we want to ensure you are safe and healthy wherever you are! If you are in a shelter at home state or not, what projects are you completing on your 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled friends!? For RGS, we upgraded the 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo. It was a slippery slope!! Once it was running right after replacing all the vacuum lines, the throttle position sensor, the IAC idle air control valve, rebuilt the throttle body gaskets and injectors, then it was time to address an exhaust rattle. The rattle was coming from the two pipes heading to the wastegate. So the shop removed the pipes and had to remove the wastegate, Understandably the bolts sheared and were stuck in the wastegate. The shop suggested I procure a used one from ebay for $100 instead of paying someone hours of time to drill and tap the bolts out. Of course, why would I buy a suspect stocker with unknown miles and history? I bought a slightly used Lindsey racing dual port. Well, to utilize the benefits of the dual port, you need a manual boost controller, so I bought one of those. And to get the maximum benefit from the boost controller, I bought the Lindsey Racing A-tune chip and MAP sensor! Then I needed a gauge set!!! See told you, a slippery slope!!! All of this really woke the car up and kept a stock appearance. So, what have you done during this age of COVID? Stay safe and healthy!

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