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The hunt for the Porsche 996 and the dangers that lurk....three letter acronyms that strike fear...

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

I just embarked on my journey to obtain my dream car, a Porsche 911. Posters were going to jump off my wall and become reality in my garage. As the research started in the typical autotraders, craigslists, and forums. A couple questions were raised. What the heck is this IMS, RMS thingies that brings owners to their knees? These acronyms strike fear in all but the bravest *cough* blissfully ignorant men. I didn't let that deter me. I found a beautiful Lapis Blue with Savannah Beige interior, manual 996 C4S in San Diego, of which...we happen to be planning a family vacation there in the next month. How convenient! Photos were exchanged, price was negotiated, PPI scheduled. Tickets for the family vacation booked.

Fast forward to San Diego. The family trip took us to Lego Land. The seller met me at Lego Land for the test drive. So I shoved the family onto a ride and took off running for the front gate to get a glimpse of the beauty (photos above are from Lego Land!). I took the beauty (later named Lisa) for a short test drive. Handed this stranger I had met only over the phone a cashiers check and told him to ship it to me. This is where the story gets interesting and the three letter acronyms start speaking to me in German! To Be Continued! #porsche #porshe996 #porsche911 #porscheIMS #porscheradiatorgrills

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