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The Porsche Whisperer - What is that? Is that the sound of the IMS??

Continued from my IMS? RMS? WTF? blog post. So the German girl (2002 Porsche 911 996 C4S) is home from California. I have been inundating my brain with internet lore of the devastating IMS and not so devastating RMS issues with the M96 engine. I operate in the analyst quadrant, analysis by paralysis??? yep, that, at times, can be me. So with all of this doom and gloom information, I became a hyper neurotic Porsche owner. I would say hyper as at some level, those Porsche owners with this vintage of vehicle and who are knowledgeable of the IMS and RMS issues, are just regular neurotic. Everyday, starting my car was a, open the door, turn the key, listen.....listen.....listen...., Pheww! She's still in one piece. Fast forward about 2 weeks. I am listening to my car, as I always do and hear something..... what is that Lassie??? Timmy's in a well?? No? My IMS bearing is about to fail catastrophically and cost me $25k!!?? Yep, that must be it! It was a slightly high pitched squeal. That's all it took. Yep, that was it. The next day, the order to Pelican Parts was dispatched. The next day, after consuming my entire work day researching how-to videos on transaxle removal and IMS installation, she was up on jack-stands with wheels off, showing off her naked undercarriage to any and all on-lookers.

My friend is walking down the street and says, what the heck are you doing!? You just got this car and it's taken a part! I said I heard a sound..... I have not been able, to this day, live down the nickname..... The Porsche Whisperer

My 2002 Porsche 911 996 C4S

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