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The reviews are in! Survey says?!?!?

Radiator Grill Store is a small business that takes pride in the value they offer to their customers. So we are always appreciative of feedback, photos and videos of our products on your vehicles!! We would like to highlight some of our customer feedback emails in our blog posts. Here is one from a Rennlister (Porsche forum for all Porsche vehicles).

This comment was in response to our #Porsche911 996.2 front radiator grilles.

Hello! I received my radiator grilles for my Porsche 996.2. It's a 2002 cabriolet in great shape but I removed a pile of leaves this fall even more than last fall. So I was excited to hear of this product. I ordered a set and they arrived in less than a week. Even thought the temperature outside today is 20 degrees here in northern New Jersey I decided to try the install in my unheated garage. It literally took 15 minutes for this 66 year old non mechanic to install and it looks great! They are tight in there and fit perfectly! What a great solution to a real pain in the a$$ that could damage the engine. I highly recommend this product to anyone to do a mod that is virtually invisible but will really help your car.



We thank you so much for your feedback and kind words Elliot!

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