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Why add a radiator or intake grille to your vehicle?

Auto manufacturers have a tough job increasing performance and desirability of their vehicles, giving the customer what they want and increasing profit margin. Some aspects of vehicles are left for more premium levels of the vehicle or more purposeful, race variants of the vehicles. The radiator grille and intake grille may be one of these items that get chopped on the bean counter's desk. If you notice Porsche GT cars (GT2, GT2RS, GT3, GT3RS, GT4) have radiator and intake protection in the form of grilles. Porsche radiators are protected from road and track debris on their GT vehicles but why not the "street" cars such as the Carrers, Boxsters, Caymans and Panameras? Bean counters? Maybe. Radiator Grille Store specializes in easy to install, no bumper removal, OEM look, no permanent screws into the bumper radiator grilles and side air intake grilles. Take a look at our offerings, we add products all the time so reach out to us if you don't see an application for your vehicle. We can typically fabricate, with enough interest, in a couple weeks. We are always looking for testers as well and offer grills to those who participate. #Porsche #Porscheradiator #Porsche911 #PorscheBoxster #PorscheCayman

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