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A New Product, A Podcast Feature, And A Car Show?!

Updated: May 6, 2022

The Product

The month of May is bringing several very exciting things to the table. For our Corvette C8 owners and enthusiasts, stay tuned for an upcoming product launch that will benefit you and your car. It is easy to install, like the rest of the Radiator Grille Store/EDM Motorsports product line, is made of carbon fiber and has an OEM look that we all crave. This simple and effective product will definitely be flying off our shelves and onto your C8s. The product reduces an annoying problem with the C8. Any guesses as to what it might be?

This new product will be available for purchase within the next few weeks. Stay up to date with the latest news, product launches, and more by subscribing to our newsletter on our website.

The Podcast

Have you heard of the podcast Corvette Today with Steve Garrett? Well, now you have! Corvette Today is the only weekly podcast that covers all things Corvette related– from new products and models, to stories from owners and more. The podcast’s host, Steve Garrett, has been a radio disc jockey for over 45 years in Kansas City, Missouri. He is currently on 101 The Fox (KCFX-Classic Rock), the #1 radio station in Kansas City. He also holds the status of the President of the Corvette Club of KC. Knowing a bit more about his background, I am truly looking forward to being a part of his show and spreading the word of the RGS brand out to those who may not have heard of it.

I’m very excited to have been invited to make a guest appearance on Garrett’s podcast! I’ll have the opportunity to not only provide more insight on Radiator Grille Store, our current and upcoming products–one in particular that will be launched very soon, as mentioned above–among any miscellaneous ideas, but I will also be able to pick Garrett’s brain on his Corvette knowledge and bounce ideas off of each other.

Corvette Today is accessible on pretty much every podcast platform – visit the website to view them all.

I look forward to recording this podcast and having it be published for you all to listen. Stay tuned for more information on release dates via the Radiator Grille Store social media accounts: Instagram and Facebook.

The Car Show: Chrome & Coffee

For those of you who are in and around Chicago on Saturday, May 14th, get your tickets for the Iron Gate Motor Condos May Chrome & Coffee event! Although Radiator Grille Store is biased towards Corvette C8s and Porsches (because they’re awesome), all makes and models are welcome here. Because parking is limited at this event, we highly recommend you register early, especially if you would like to attend, as well as show off your ride.

Iron Gate Motor Condos has been holding motor shows for several years now, starting back in 2014. These condos are solely dedicated to storing people’s cars and are completely customizable. Come by Naperville’s location to attend this show and see how each owner has customized their space.


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