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Despite C8 Z06 Engine Failures, There’s Talk of What’s to Come for the C9

Second Engine Failure

The 2023 Corvette C8 Z06’s LT6 engine has been nothing short of impressive as it has made its debut in the aggressive supercar this year, but we have now been able to witness another engine failure. This time it was caught on camera, and while the audio is not great, the car owner goes into detail about how and when the failure occurred at 621 miles.

The first question, asked by many, regarded the recommended break-in period of not exceeding 5000rpm for the first 500 miles, which the owner abided by. For how expensive the Z06 is, we highly encourage following this protocol. Chevy handled this situation phenomenally, providing a new engine just 2 weeks after the Z06 had been dropped off at the dealership. That being said, this is the second known failure to occur in a short time. Out of the [most likely] hundreds of Z06s that have been delivered so far, two known failures do not sound astronomical, but it would be better for them to not be happening at all. Hopefully, with some careful diagnosis, Chevy will be able to pinpoint the exact or common causes of these failures so that car enthusiasts like you will not have to worry.

It was stated in The Drive that the dealership was not allowed to disassemble the original engine before being sent back to Chevy, most likely because GM wanted to be the first to dissect and find the root cause of the issue.

C9 Rumors

Despite the C8 and the Z06 being released only a short time ago, and despite these unfortunate engine failures, the word is spreading throughout the car community about what is to come for the Corvette C9. This new model will reportedly not be electric – it will be more in line with an updated version of the C8. Additionally, it will be architecturally unrelated to the potential Corvette sedan and SUV. Can you picture a Corvette sedan or SUV?

General Motors

Statements directly from General Motors help us confirm that the C9 will be very similar to the C8 in that the engine will be bolted into the middle of the car. These statements also included details of the construction of a sixth-generation small-block V8, which we can hopefully anticipate will be included in the C9 build. This news comes as a nice surprise, as General Motors is still pushing towards being electric-only by 2035.

What’s more, as mentioned in another article by The Drive, is the sprinkling of information regarding breaking Corvette off from Chevy and making it its own brand where the 2-door, sedan, and SUV would live, all three of which would be electric.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming changes and rumors? Let us know in the comments.

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