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Prevent Debris from Damaging your Engine Fans (It’s what our products are made for!)

If you like cars, you must know about how expensive fixing them can be. Being in the automotive industry, we see a lot of similar issues with various models and try to remain as informed as possible on the woes that fellow car enthusiasts experience. After all, the main reason why we created Radiator Grille Store was to help like minded individuals avoid radiator, condenser, or engine damage on their Porsches and Corvette C8s for years to come. We make it a point to keep up with automotive forums and engage on those platforms to inform potential customers of the benefits of our products– like what we did in this scenario.

A gentleman on one of these forums had left a comment, open to responses, regarding his 2016 GT4. During a track event his car threw a Check Engine Light, so he had it looked at. It turned out that there was an engine fan failure based on a PIWIS scan. He had taken the Porsche to the dealer and discovered that both fans were clogged by tire and track debris, which led to the fuses for the fan (engine heat dissipation system) being blown. The techs at the dealership cleaned everything out and retested it all, but the fans were still not working optimally, so new ones had to be installed. All that labor plus the cost of parts must have been a pretty penny!

Instances like these are the literal reason why our company exists! We want to help you prevent costly repairs down the line by offering OEM-looking protection now at an affordable price and with DIY installation. With Porsche grille inserts especially– we either have the one you’re looking for already or you can reach out to us and we can work with you to fabricate a set. Our goal is to serve as many Porsche and C8 owners around the world as possible, and even stretch into the realm of BMW and Mercedes owners.

We recently released our newest front grille insert for the 2021+ BMW X3M and X4M. This is our first BMW product and we are so excited to be able to branch out to other makes and models. This product, much like our Porsche and Corvette inserts, is an ABS plastic grille mesh designed to be easily installed without having to remove the bumper. Since we aim to mimic OEM styles by placing our grilles behind the trim and bodywork, you won’t have to worry about our aftermarket products not looking cohesive with your vehicle.

If you need guidance while installing our products, we provide several videos on both our website and YouTube channel so that you have all the information and resources you need for a smooth process. Have you purchased from us before? Let us know about your experience by leaving a Google review.


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